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Jul 8 / KL Pontz

A Bike Trip – Holy Crap, Gaviota!

What a day!

We knocked out one of the more pretty rides from Pismo to Gaviota! The dramatic burnt grass hills of southern California dominated our day. With Oak trees scattered along creek beds and ridges, and the smell of wild sage in the air, we knew definitively, we had left nor cal. We rode Hwy 1 through Lompoc and then powered through some hills to get back to the coast. We now stand 30 miles from Santa Barbara!

The camp site is right on the beach off the 101, and we are pumped for this evening. Josh Cordsco is coming with food and beer!! How did this happen? I want to say happenstance, but in reality, he saw us on Facebook and decided to come chill out when we passed through his hood.

Raddness! I’m checking out with a low battery and some chips until tonight.

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  1. Kim / Jul 11 2010

    waiting for final stretch.!

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