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Jul 3 / KL Pontz

A Bike Trip – Monterey

After hitting snooze a couple times, we woke up and left Crista’s house. She was a saint and took good care of us. That was our last pampering for a bit. We are headed to Big Sur.

The morning ride through the agriculture basket of the Monterey Bay was remarkable. Strawberries and young artichokes rolled on through the hills and fog. Workers in sweatshirts were up early on Saturday picking fruit. The roads empty and carless. A wonderful morning.

We followed the path of a half moon south along the Monterey Bay. The fog lifted and we made a quick stop at an Army Supply Store. If you’ve ever driven from Santa Cruz to Monterey you know the one. We grabbed some rope, a tarp, and a new pair of pants and headed down the road.

With the sun high, we’ve stopped for lunch. We are out of the sun, watching World Cup (just heard about Germany!! ), and food just arrived.

I’d take a picture of the food but the iPhone camera is not working. :( There might be an absences of pictures from here on out.

See you down the road.

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  1. Mari Lynch / Jul 5 2010

    Yup, carless mornings on this road are great. Good breakfast stop is Haute Enchilada at Moss Landing–and they are in HER Helmet Thursdays too (discounts for cyclists on Thursdays).

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