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Jul 12 / KL Pontz

A Bike Trip – The End of the Road

Howdy all,

I am back in SF! I successfully completed the bicycle adventure from SF to SD sans LA! I went to the 10 year high school reunion, saw my family, and drove eight hours yesterday back to SF. I wish that I had pictures of the latter stage of the adventure, but I lost my iPhone along the way. We needed to travel 37 miles to catch a 9:20 am train, and somewhere between packing in the dark at 4:45 am and riding my bike along the 101, I lost the cell phone. And so there it is! The documentation of the trip ends here. I am sure more reflections will come as time passes.

One thing I am excited to do is read Sean’s blog of the trip. I didn’t get to see any of it and I know there will be some great stuff in there. (Sean Plus Plus).

See you all down the road.


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  1. Kim / Jul 12 2010

    “SANS LA” nice save Bro! Proud of you guys no matter what….so does this mean I can take the Go Pontz off the van now?? Glad you made it home safe.

  2. Sean / Jul 12 2010

    One of the greatest journeys of my life …. Thanks for having my back out there on the road.

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