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Jul 7 / KL Pontz

A Bike Trip – Waking up in Cayucos


I am continually overwhelmed by the diversity of where we find ourselves. Take Cayucos, for example. Just north of SLO and Morro Bay, this town hums and sways like a small beach town of the past. Main street is down by the beach, and the houses litter the hillside looking down to the water. I feel like I’ve stepped back 50 years to a time when the California coast was littered with these small communities. Carlsbad must have been like this at one time. I never saw it that way, but for some reason being here makes me nostalgic.

Aunt Mary took us into her home, fed us, washed our clothes, and let us soak our aching muscles in her hot tub. After dinner, Aunt Mary and Brent headed back to Morro Bay to leave Sean and I to plan the rest of the trip.

Today is going to be one of our more mellow days with only 30 miles to Pismo ahead of us. We were debating a more rigorous and mountainous ride of 80 miles, but decided against punishing our bodies. We’d rather wake up at 5 am than ride 80 miles.

With clean clothes and Sean’s new spokes we are ready to hit the road … of course, after we have had a leisurely breakfast down at a beach cafe.

I like Cayucos and want to return soon.

See you down the road!

(Sean’s cousin, Dane, came over and whipped up a stellar breakfast! We discovered that world cup soccer was on, and obviously, couldn’t get on the bike during the semi-finals.)

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