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Jun 2 / KL Pontz

A Place for Playlists (from an mp3 made in a class)


The silence is broken! I AM BACK!

(This blog post will mark a new beginning, an effort to stay more dedicated to documenting my life. I know how it sounds: Narcissistic. Boring. Pointless … But, someone might find some of these things I do interesting. I know I do. Also, after seeing SeanPlusPlus and his ability to stay dedicated to blogging/documenting, how can one not be inspired? What I noticed most was that his blog became a reference not only for personal events like birthdays and holidays, but also for a reference of code, finished projects, small hacks, and other things that once accomplished are generally lost and forgotten in the tangled Web. Now to the post.)

I recently completed a Adobe Flash course at the Community College of San Francisco. Our final project was an mp3 player, which turned out to be a great project because it allowed me to pursue a project that I was inspired to do a while back. I wanted a place on the Web to listen to mixes that I had made during college. With the transfer of music from one place to another, and the degradation of CDs, mixes quickly become lost. If I could keep them all in one place, I wouldn’t have to be worried about losing the playlists.

And, so I present to the world, the Beta version of the website. Presently, I have only one playlist available, but I’d like to update the mp3 player regularly with new mixes, and finally reach a point where there is a visual directory of the playlists available for listening.

Follow the link to listen to my friend, Sebastian Parker, a talented artist and carpenter, playing piano with The Sebastian Parker Trio at the Sheba Lounge in San Francisco.

Pontz Place for Playlists

P.S. There is some funk when the song information is loading so be patient.


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  1. Sean / Jun 2 2010

    God’s speed.

    • KL Pontz / Jun 4 2010

      Hopefully, God’s got nothing to do with it. All I need is so good old fashion wentz to keep me moving along.

  2. Glen / Jun 2 2010

    welcome back hombreso!

    • KL Pontz / Jun 4 2010

      Thanks G!

  3. Sean / Jun 4 2010

    sprinkle that with a little tryflanx, and you’re aces.

  4. Lucky / Jun 10 2010

    what’s a wentz?

    • KL Pontz / Jun 11 2010

      Excellent question! There once was a wentz bench a friend made in high school. But, most importantly, wentz is a close relative of pontz.

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