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Aug 26 / admin

A Story of a Frisbee

“Sometimes the happiest of times quickly degrade into the saddest of times.” –Leo Tolstoy

I don’t think Count Leo actually ever said that, but he sure should have. It would’ve been a good quote to start this whole thing out with. So good in fact, I probably could’ve avoided the whole need to write some sort of lead-in to this video. It could’ve just been the title, the quote and the video. Simple yet effective. Pregnant with meaning. A triumvirate of syntactical power!

If only Tolstoy would’ve only knew my predicament!

And here I’ve gone and blown the whole thing and distracted from this quite amazing video. It’s a simple story really. A Story of a Frisbee.


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  1. sms / Aug 27 2009


  2. Harry / Aug 30 2009

    Borderline genius…

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