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Mar 12 / KL Pontz

Back in the Saddle – BBWD

After a period of working individually on projects, Sean and I are back together re-designing the site that launched our partnership–Eastwood Development Inc. I can’t tell you how much we have learned since that first project. What a huge learning experience it was–the all night hack sessions, and the bumbling through solutions to problems while creating three more problems along the way. But with a decent amount of websites under our belts, we are moving through this project in style. Our work flow is sweet. We have a clear understanding about the stages of the project, found a simple, but extremely useful way for dealing with assets for the site. The stress is low and the stoke is high.

This is a sneak peek at one of the early designs. We are excited about this one.



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  1. SMS420 / Mar 13 2011

    Hells Ya! Let’s keep this party rollin.

  2. di / Mar 13 2011

    I LOVE hearing about the goin’-ons at Brown Bag. Thanks for the update.

    • KL Pontz / Mar 16 2011

      Haven’t had an update to give in awhile. I’m glad that you are glad.

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