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Jun 4 / KL Pontz

Blog Theme Changes (but the Pontz remains)

What’d you think?

I am running a new theme with new bells and whistles. After stagnating in my last blog adventure, I’m back with all new content and a whole new theme that’s clean and simple – the way I like my sushi!

I’m not going to bore you with any details about the bells and whistles or drag this out any longer than is necessary. I’ll just leave you with a short video I shot in Japan at a wedding. A friend invited me from the school board, and I excitedly embarked on a new cultural experience. I was not disappointed! Eguchi-san jumped up on stage in the middle of someone else’s karaoke performance (yes, there was a karaoke performance at the wedding) and began dancing. Eguchi-san is a grandfather and retired the next year, but that never limited his consistent evening routine – a routine as regular as the Japanese rail system:

  1. Eating
  2. Drinking one beer
  3. Mugs of shochu
  4. Singing and dancing
  5. An encore of berating an underling from the office
  6. Capped off by falling asleep in a snack bar.

I present Eguchi-san shining bright during Stage 4


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  1. Sean / Jun 4 2010

    I aspire to dance like Eguchi-san.

    • admin / Jun 4 2010

      I think of him every time hear the pounding of the bass.

  2. Zach / Jun 4 2010

    Ahh japan…how I miss alcohol as the lubrication that makes mild mannered salary men become lunatics

    • KL Pontz / Jun 4 2010

      I couldn’t agree more … Japanese men have the unique ability to completely disregard all social norms after a mug of beer.

  3. Sean / Jun 4 2010

    who the hell is this admin character?

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