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Aug 8 / KL Pontz

Falling off the Bike

Photo by SeanPlusPlus

There is no insurance against falling off your bike – not cycling through SF with a huge backpack, not riding north across the Golden Gate Bridge to Stinson Beach or Point Reyes, and certainly not towing a trailer 450 miles to San Diego. I found this out last Monday.

I biked over to Danch’s for an evening chill with the dudes. I arrived to find Papa Danch and Stepmom Danch already hanging out. Eric, the class act that he is, wined and dined us for the evening as the dudes arrived. Sean came from his first day at Pixar. No one knows where Millican came from. And Mikey came from soccer practice or his kickboxing class … I can’t keep up with his “arduous athletic routine.”

Photo by SeanPlusPlus

We all departed, and I jumped in the saddle, clipped in and headed west into the fog. You know that stat … all accidents happen a mile from home … or maybe it’s half a mile … well … sure enough, I wrecked 4 blocks from my house. I was jamming down a decent hill in Golden Gate Park – cars as sparse as street lights. I’ve ridden this hill hundreds times … I’ve ridden down this hill no-handsies singing at the top of my lungs!

Without my proper bike lights in the fog and darkness, and after a couple glasses of wine, I banked too sharp on the last turn before 30th Ave. My front wheel collided with the curb. I sailed over my handle bars into dirt and grass spinning and rolling. I came to a rest on my back looking up into the trees. Something was definitely hurt but I couldn’t pinpoint where. I lifted my right arm. Fine. Left arm … AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Photo by Mikey

I pulled my body and bike off the ground. With a shot of adrenaline, I walked the last 4 blocks home knowing my left shoulder was messed up. Dislocated? Broken collar bone? I assumed the worse.

I got to the casa and collapsed into the arms of Sean and Mikey. My face went white and then green and then white according to JR. I poured sweat and started shivering.

Photo by Mikey

Mikey made the quick decision to go to the hospital. After an hour at St. Mary’s Medical Center, I was out the door with a grade II AC separation in my left shoulder. The AC ligament connects the clavicle to the scapula. My arm will be in a sling for 10 days, and Dr. Newell says that the rehab will take 4 – 8 weeks. I should have full recove…

Wait … I am going to step back from this for a moment … although I am injured and it sucks … I have a lot to be thankful for. My body could be more severely injured. I have awesome friends who have totally helped me out … I am sitting here with three of them right now – Danch, Siegel and SMS. If that isn’t enough perspective on the situation, an Iranian student at SFIE said he felt bad about my shoulder. To show his sympathy, he told me about being shot in the Iran-Iraq war and the long healing process. So … yea … things are allllright!

I am on the mend, loving one-handed showering, and looking forward to shoulder rehab. I’ll be back on the bike at the beginning of October.

Now, the last sushi meal at our favorite place before we move.


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  1. kim / Aug 8 2010

    hang in there Kev!

    • KL Pontz / Aug 9 2010

      I am hanging … thanks, sis!

  2. Sean / Aug 8 2010

    Dude, you are tougher than dirt. You handled the crash superbly.

    Cheers to a speedy recovery!

    • KL Pontz / Aug 9 2010

      Sean, you have been stellar! I don’t what I would’ve done without you and the dudes to help me. You are the best!

  3. di / Aug 9 2010

    Just re-read this post. That Iranian student gets me every time.

    I also really like the image of you COLLAPSING into the arms of sean and mikey.

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