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Oct 7 / admin

Hardly Strictly A Blog Post

When people ask me where I live, I tell them, “I live in the Outer Richomnd.” Sometimes their responses make me smile: “What is there to do out there?” I usually don’t answer the question. It’d be too frustrating. If you are asking the question, there is nothing I can really do to explain the serene, damp, cold, beauty of the Outer Richmond. But, now, after the weekend of Oct. 2-4, I can say, “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass!” But then again, this still might not work.

Golden Gate Park put on its finest sun dress, and the Pacific wind only whistled and wailed on Saturday for the free bluegrass festival. The park was full all weekend of banjos, mandolins, guitars, and fiddles. My mom and dad made the journey from San Diego for the festival.

Since the festival was a pleasant stroll down the street and through park from my house, I inevitably was with SMS.

Or, running into a full crew of housemates and fellow Banana Slugs. We were extremely diligent in bringing our own beer since we told by festival workers to do so; they would not be selling any alcohol.

My parents had the lawn chairs set and land staked out for a twelve hour vigil in Speedway Meadow. I arrived after work in time for Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

Our Saturday ended with Steve Earle and the Bluegrass Dukes.

I hope that I can meet the man responsible for this free concert. Just to say thanks and shake his hand. What could be more right to spend your money on? Bring a bunch of stellar bands and artists together, let the public in for free, and the warm euphoria easily follows.

The festival planners were nice enough to post signs of useful directions as well.

Go to the video page to see videos from the weekend


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    Bravo fine sir!

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