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Aug 30 / admin

Homework 1

I’m enrolled in my first computer science class at the Community College of San Francisco. After a couple of web design projects, it became apparent that a strong working knowledge of JavaScript would be extremely useful. Especially for all the dynamic websites Blue Collar Web Design is about to undertake (I’m not sure when it will happen, but there has been lots of talk).

This homework was not for credit, but a great refresher. I got to dig into some HTML and CSS and learn some new tricks and refine others.

Since we weren’t given any directions, besides include certain elements in your HTML and CSS, I created a page of an online recipe book–my online recipe book to be exact. And since I’ve been making pizza dough more frequently, the first page of the recipe book is my favorite pizza dough. I’ve taken it upon myself to try and find the best pizza dough recipe, and this is the best to date.

Homework 1

Link is broken :(

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