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Oct 6 / admin

JavaScript – The Midterm

I am jumping back into the blogging foray after a prolonged absence. It has been a busy couple of weeks with visiting parents, teaching and tutoring, building a website, and taking a JavaScript course.

We have reached that time in the semester – about half way through – when it is time to see if you actually have learned anything. And the best way to find out is to sit down and hammer out a midterm. Well, today is that day.

Honestly, I am excited at the prospect. I haven’t taken a test since I was taking Japanese 101 at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. That was back in 2006. Maybe that three year gap should intimidate me a little bit, but it really doesn’t. And there are a couple reasons for that:

  1. The midterm is open book open note. Perhaps giving me a little false sense of security, but I am confident that any problem I encounter, I’ll have the answer in the notes I’ve written or in the book I’ve read.
  2. The midterm is also open terminal. That means I can test my code!
  3. Finally, and most importantly, I am a pretty good student. I started school at the tender age of five and was in school until I was 21 years old. Sixteen years of school teaches you one valuable thing: how to be a student. There is a very clear path to an A and to a C. Be conscious of the path you are walking down and you will end up where you want to.

So wish me luck on the midterm, and I’ll be back in a week or so recount my arrogance now, and enumerate the many ways that my over-confidence led me to eating my own words

As a bonus, I am providing links to all of my homework assignments since I started the class. Trust me, they are very sexy!

All of these links are broken :( A good lesson learned here. If you want to keep something, you better hosted it on your own server.

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  1. Glen / Oct 6 2009

    Rad..we gotta get you on github dogger!

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