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Sep 10 / KL Pontz

Pontz Rides Again!

I’m back on the blog after a month and back on the bike after five weeks! I didn’t think I’d recover this quickly, but here I am. I ran with Sean last weekend with much success. With lots of stretching and exercises, the shoulder is probably at 85 percent now. I can reach straight up in the air and I even pumped out some push-ups – I know it doesn’t sound like much – but these are big improvements.

With a beautiful fall day in SF, I decided today was the day to get back on the bike. I grabbed a rag and some bike oil and headed down to the basement where all the bikes hang from the ceiling. I wiped down the bike with the dry rag and rubbed some of the grease off the chain and derailleur. The chain was still off the gears from the crash. I pulled my blue 12-speed Trek down from the ceiling and moved it over to the bike stand. As I tested the gears, I applied a little amount of oil to the chain and pedaled with my hand. I wasn’t sure how damaged the bike would be from the crash. I never closely examined it afterward. But, everything worked. The wheels were relatively true. The gears worked. The tires needed a little air, and that’s it.

I climbed out of the basement and pointed my wheels to Mike’s Bike to replace my broken helmet. What a feeling to be riding again! My house is on a hill so I immediately started downhill. The wind whipped my eyes and I coasted down the hill. I let out a little laugh. I missed this…

It feels nice to be back. My blog even told me as much. WordPress has quotes that show up in your admin console, and the quote that appeared was as follows: “It’s nice to have you back where you belong.” How’s about that!


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  1. Mike Rocci / Sep 10 2010

    Glad to hear you’re shoulder’s better. Sounds like it was quite a fall. Also sounds like you have some good friends. Your blog is great. That was a very descriptive account of the day of your fall. Again, glad you feel better and are able to ride again.

    • KL Pontz / Sep 11 2010

      Thanks Uncle Mike! I’m glad you like the blog. I am stoked to have my shoulder back and healthy as well.

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