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Aug 12 / admin

Surgery at 3128

The sun was out and our belly’s were full after a midday breakfast at Eats on Clement and 2nd. With a lighthearted step and a smile on our faces, Sean, Jesse, Jesse’s Peace Corps friend, and myself found a green bastion of grass and trees to throw the frisbee.

But, this shinny euphoria came to an ‘abrupt end’ for Sean while running for the disk. And by ‘abrupt end,’ I mean jaggedly abrupt; a fallen-log-with-jutting-splinters-and-daggers abrupt.

He took it all in stride and played some more disk after walking off the injury. But, when we got home, he found that he had a splinter lodged in his big toe. Both Sean and myself tried our best to get it out, but failed horribly: Sean failed because everyone has a threshold for pain that one can inflict on one’s self. I failed because everyone has a threshold for inflicting pain on one’s friend.

Luckily, Sean knows a nurse practitioner whose threshold for inflicting pain is a little higher than our own.

(Cue movie)

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