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Jun 11 / KL Pontz

The Darkness that Lived in Abbey’s Mind – part I

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI


On a bright summer day, Abbey sauntered out of her house into the expansive world. The broken rays of sun cast columns of pleasant light through the conifers. Wind, as if blown off the cold Pacific, brushed the leaves and cooled equally the heat of the day and the anxieties of life. Light of step, free of care, Abbey followed the sunny road out into the world.

Abbey could not say how long she had walked when the sounds of the forest slowed to a murmur, and she came upon a meadow.

The boundless sky opened before her and the sweet clean conifers of the high mountains drew her into the landscape. Evergreens and redwoods stood atop the ridges and looked graciously down at the stream cutting through the wildflowers and high grass. Abbey only saw the warmth of green that gathered on the banks of the stream. As the high mountain water moistened Abbey’s exposed arms, she noticed a darkness – the shadow of a shape, which unnaturally broke the vastness of the space.

Abbey stopped and focused her eyes on the darkness. The shadow remained fuzzy and amorphous, yet firmly rooted to a place. The forest held its breath and the stillness seemed to emanate from the darkness.

Abbey looked back. She saw the path that had brought her to this meadow. The path she had followed out of the house was familiar and worn with her steps, but on this day the path betrayed her. The creeping fear of the unknown struck her as she turned back.

“What has happened?” was all she thought.

After one last glimpse, she turned back into the woods and onto the path lit by the broken summer sun. As she followed the path, her mind focused on what she had seen. It seemed too strange to be real, too unusual to be possible. She had never heard of such a thing before and was unsure what to do now that she had seen that dark shadow in the bright meadow. Every time she tried to push the image out of her mind it returned. The darkness took up residence in Abbey’s mind.

As she walked, the darkness began to filter what she saw, casting every tree and glimmer of light into something slightly new, although still familiar. This frightened Abbey even more. She quickened her step towards home.



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  1. Sean / Jun 11 2010

    If I were writing an essay on this piece, I would argue that the shadow is Windows 7.

    • KL Pontz / Jun 11 2010

      Typical critic! Wants to give the narrative meaning even before we reach the ending.

  2. Ryan Boone / Jun 15 2010

    Is Abby a chipmunk or something?

    I wonder when we can expect part two of this colorfully told tale. Looking forward to it!

    • KL Pontz / Jun 17 2010

      Look for part two this weekend!

  3. R1Beast / Jun 18 2010

    good work, KLP

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