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Jun 25 / KL Pontz

The Darkness that Lived in Abbey’s Mind – part II

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
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Part VI


After the noon sun casts plump, round shadows around the base of the high evergreens and redwoods, the sun falls towards the horizon, stretching and thinning the shadows into a dense weave of darkness. The night arrives early in the forest.

Coldness crept up Abbey’s calves and thighs as she walked along the path. Persistently, searching for something familiar, she looked everywhere at once. But the bends of the trees and the collections of ferns were all new. She wrapped her arms around her body for warmth, pausing next to a large redwood.

Abbey’s mind wandered home. Mother would be watching TV, and Father would be in the basement working on the set of chairs for the dinning room. The pleasant smell of the forest for a moment smelled like her father after he’d been working in the basement. He would always come up the stairs and hug her in a cloud of dust, and she would feign disgust looking down at her clothes, yet she knew that it would only encourage her father more. This, of course, was her intention.

Abbey smiled and sat down next to the trunk of a large redwood. She fell asleep in the forest warmed by the thought of returning home.


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