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Nov 11 / KL Pontz

The Darkness that Lived in Abbey’s Mind – part V

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The house was the routine of Abbey’s life. Hallways from bedroom to bath and bath to kitchen formed the arc of her routine. Other rooms and places in the house became containers of the past – each room and cupboard a tomb no longer visited. Her mind fully gave over to the darkness and the darkness put everything in neat compartments. Abbey didn’t have to avoid these areas because they no longer appeared on her mental map of the house. Unopened doors were adornments on walls.

Today, being Thursday, was laundry day. Abbey carried her sheets and towels down the hall and through the kitchen. She opened the door to the laundry room and flipped on the light. The distinct pop of a light bulb accompanied the brief brightness and subsequent fade to darkness. Abbey’s pupils dilated, searching, focusing.

She started her wash in the dark.

Passing through the kitchen, she went to the closet in the hall for a new light bulb. Opening the door dislodged stacks of light bulbs, toilet paper, towels and boxes. The closet spilt its contents into the hall, and light bulbs shattered against the wood floor. Something glass in one of the boxes didn’t survive the tumult. Abbey surveyed the floor thoughtlessly. A general apathy pervade most of her day, and even though the mess interrupted her Thursday routine, she remained disinterested.

Abbey grabbed the broom out of the closet and began sweeping the glass into a neat pile. While sweeping, she knocked a large piece of glass down the hall. It bounced off the wall and traveled under a door. Abbey stared at the door. The glass was gone but the sound of it bouncing down a set of stairs rang clear in the silence of the house.

A burst of color blinded Abbey.

The long forgotten feeling of not knowing traveled through her spine and into her mind. Light expanded her capillaries and flowed from the nape of her neck to the creases between her toes. Abbey’s spine was forced straight as the harrowing idea collided with the darkness that had taken up residence in her mind.

Abbey fell to the floor and shook.

A warmth not felt in a long time washed down her arms and into her fingers as she lay there on the floor. The darkness residing in her mind lost part of its hold — an idea had taken hold of her. She didn’t know and had no control to know. Yet, this did not cause her any anxiety or fear. She no longer feared not knowing – all because of that door in the hall she long ago began to ignore.

Tears warmed her cheeks.

Lightness watered the dormant memories and allowed her to peer back to the beginning. With the lightness came remembrance of happiness. The beauty she had known in life – whimsical and full of the unknown. Joy pushed forward into the present dragging memories of laughter, and in this state she felt life – her life completely.

Looking up at the door she remembered her father – the door to the basement! Jumping to the door, she grabbed the handle and tried to open it.


She was emboldened and fearless. Invigorated by the desire to break it down and see what she did not know, she backed up and ran at the door. Her shoulder smashed the door, and she stumbled down the flight of stairs.

When Abbey rose to her feet, she saw what she could not have expected. The meadow stood in front of her and the darkness was there before her. The sun hung in the same place in the sky as it had hung the day she ventured out of the house. The lightness that pulsed through her veins forced her forward, towards the darkness that had clouded so many years. Abbey in an instance gained such a profound perspective on her life that she no longer doubted her actions.

Abbey ran across the field. The grass whipped and cut her legs and sweat fell from her nose. Abbey’s lungs burned and ached from the crisp forest air, but she never slowed her pace. She moved faster and faster across the field at the unknown. The distance between her and the shadow quickly diminished until she ran with her head lowered directly into the dark cloud.



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  1. Nazli / Nov 11 2010

    dear Kevin,

    I read a few paragraphs and really felt connected; although my English is not good and of course I have not read in English but a few short stories.
    good luck and miss your fun classes…..

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