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Nov 15 / KL Pontz

The Darkness that Lived in Abbey’s Mind – part VI

Table of Contents

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI


From a distance nothing seemed to change. A man walking along the meadow would’ve heard the stream and smiled at the lovely day. The stranger would’ve thought nothing of seeing a young woman running across the meadow, the wind in her long hair, and a wide smile brushed across her face. The man would’ve thought she must be enjoying this day as much as me. He would’ve been right. But no one was there to see Abbey running from the meadow.

Her steps took her back along the path that she had walked many years ago, but the path was worn and gutted. The path had changed. Abbey had changed. The forest had changed. Regret did not find a foothold in these thoughts. Rather, Abbey still could breathe in life and she was comforted by that idea. She had forgotten that she could run, but loved every racing step she took forward. She forgot what it felt to have wind in her face and aching joints.

She was not the same woman that she had been before and she rejoiced in knowing what she now knew. That shadow that resided in her mind was gone, and now she saw distinctly. Abbey ran the path to her house, up the porch steps, and through the front door to live her life again.

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