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Writing for Barron’s Test Prep

I’ve had some fortuitous luck. When I lost my house, I found a new one. When I lost my job, I found a new one. When my arm feel off, I grew a new one. Actually, that last one isn’t true (I can’t wait for the future when that will be true. We’ll figure our how to turn biology into an information technology, and hack human biology so that it can re-grow limbs, teeth, organs, etc.).

As part of this fortunate beginning to 2013, I’ve started writing for Barron’s Test Prep. A year ago, I partnered with Barron’s and Snapwiz to create an online course for the Verbal section of the GRE. It has been some time since I’ve published on a regular basis, so I am excited and a little nervous. In 2009, I wrote for a surf website, but haven’t consistently written anything of note since. With the change of seasons, and the start of a new year, this is all about to change.

I will be publishing two articles a week. On Tuesday, I’ll review Grammar, Style and Mechanics necessary for success on the SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. These articles will focus on a single grammar point or stylistic recommendation, which will prepare students for verbal and writing sections. On Thursday, I’ll publish articles on general test taking strategies and other relevant issues or concerns. Some of these articles will focus on issues that students raise on Twitter while other articles will focus on more general logistical concerns.

My ultimate goal is for these articles to be helpful and beneficial to students preparing for the test. Don’t hesitate to comment on articles or send me a message if you have a question. Bellow is a list of published articles thus far.

Grammar Tuesday: Subject-Verb Agreement

Grammar Tuesday: Modification

How to Manage Test Stress

The More I study the Worse I Do

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    Badass new site name

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